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Is a professional Christmas decoration set service solution provider, one-stop purchase Christmas ball, vacuum coating processing, ordinary Christmas tree, LED light Christmas tree, creative Christmas tree, Christmas Circle, Christmas decorations, other creative decorations, LED light string light belt, to provide a complete set of Christmas decoration set solutions.
We focus on Christmas decorations and create Christmas atmosphere: there are three kinds of products: large, medium and small, which provide large, medium-sized outdoor and indoor Christmas decorations for hotels, real estate and public facilities, such as airports and railway stations; medium-sized Christmas decorations for companies, hotels, shopping malls, lobbies and front desk; small Christmas decorations for companies and families, And provide the production of decoration area background, more foil the Christmas festival atmosphere, as well as the supply of wrapping paper and ribbon for packaging gifts.
In addition to selling all products separately, there are a variety of package options available. When you choose the approximate Christmas tree decoration specifications, there are a variety of package combinations to meet your needs, eliminating the trouble of individual selection of various products and optional decorations, and the price of package products is lower than the total price of these items purchased separately.
Founded in January 2010, it is located in Huangtu mountain village, Yanjiang Town, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 2500 ㎡. The company's management system operates normally according to regulations, with strong strength and remarkable reputation. Now 51 people are fixed.
Thank you for your patronage and hope to have the opportunity to provide you with satisfactory service.

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Linhai Wangyang Crafts Co., Ltd


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